Life Story Form

We want to know you beyond the present challenges in your life. The more we know how things you think are important shaped you to this point in your life the more we can help. Take your time to fill out this next section. You might want to write this on a separate paper and then type it here after. For all entries, please be as specific and concise as possible. Be sure to read through the explanations below to help your thoughts.


Testimony & Spiritual Journey — Your life before knowing Christ, your life since you’ve come to Christ, when you accepted Christ and what has your life been like? How have you struggled in your walk with Christ and what victories have you seen?


Life Story — (Tell us what you can remember from your earliest memories) We are only looking for a synopsis, don’t include every detail. However, we do want to get to know you and what things have influenced, shaped, and grown you or what circumstances have been difficult for you. Please try to include your thoughts about your faith as much as possible throughout.


Please try to focus much of your story on meaningful and impacting life events and facts. Try to think about the things that shaped your worldview. Here are some helpful categories of information to think about or mention as you work through each chapter of your life:


People — Who shaped or influenced you both positively and negatively?

Position — Where did your family get their identity? What did others see or say about your family while you were growing up? Where were you in the birth order and how did you get along with each family member?

Patterns — What themes and patterns show up in your behavior and attitude (anger, withdrawal, impulsiveness, fear), especially under stress? When you are under pressure, how do you react?

Problems — What has been hard or traumatic for you, and how did you deal with it (or how are you currently dealing with it)?

Passions — What motivates you? Where do you get your identity? Where do you find your significance? (If these have changed over time, talk about what they were in the past and what they are now).

Priorities — What were your values growing up and how did they change as you matured? What is most important to you and why? Are your priorities consistent with what you say you value most?

Perspective — What was your worldview growing up? In other words, what were your views of God, self, and others? How has it changed and why?


For example:

Ages 0-12 (Tell us about your family of origin):

  • raised by single mother
  • traumatic
  • history of abuse
  • loss of dear family member
  • fond memories of vacations with family
  • grew up in a home that was religious by name only
  • knew God but didn’t live my faith

As with all the other forms, this information will be kept highly confidential

BSC - Life Story
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